Augmented Workflow Inspection Checklist

December 2020 VUYU developed an augmented workflow inspection checklist to assist in completing government issued solar inspections. VUYU's workflow inspection checklist allowed VUYU to increase the speed at which a solar inspection is completed and also provide greater detail and information of the inspection itself. No paper, tablets or any handheld tools were used to complete these inspections, only our innovative AVR products were implemented to achieve this milestone.


Karratha Hotel Solar/Battery Design

September 2020 VUYU collaborated in gathering all of the relevant and required information for designing and installing 200kW of solar systems for its client located in Karratha Western Australia. VUYU's technology and information gathering process allowed a team of engineers to more effectively design a solar solution via use of video/audio content and then cross reference the on-site data gathering with the design layout drawings.

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LIVE Streaming Solar Quotation Procurement

August 2020, VUYU supported and overlooked the LIVE remote assistance carried out between a junior technician and senior electrical remote expert. VUYU personnel required a junior electrician to mobilise to site to procure the relevant information for a solar installation and was supervised remotely by a senior electrical remote expert through the use of smart glass technology and the 5G network. The overall project was a huge success which resulted in VUYU eliminating the need to mobilise a senior electrical technician and lowering transportation costs by a significant amount.

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Solar Inspection Training Videos

July 2020, VUYU required a series of training videos that would illustrate the step by step process of guiding solar inspectors on the correct process of auditing/testing solar equipment. VUYU using its smart glass technology procured the correct video/audio content and co-wrote the audio script to be used in the training content.

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Thermal Imaging of Solar Farm

July 2020 VUYU completed thermal imaging of a 6MW solar farm in the Goldfields region of Western Australia. Our trained and certified drone operators surveyed, inspected and identified hotspot locations across the entire solar farm giving VUYU's client a higher level insight to the overall performance of the renewable asset.


Solar Farm Maintenance

July 2020 VUYU successfully completed maintenance and rectification work on a 6MW solar farm in the Goldfields region of Western Australia. VUYU's video data procurement process allowed the client of the solar farm to more easily understand the faults that were present and the method of approach which VUYU made to rectify all outstanding findings.

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Optus 5G Presentation

June 2020, VUYU collaborated with Optus to produce a presentation which showcases the developing and fast growing 5G network across the entirety of Australia. The project demonstrated to the Australian public how effective the 5G internet network and augmented virtual reality technology can be in solving problems quicker and easier across a range of different industries.

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