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VUYU is a leading solutions provider for organizations who are striving to be better connected through the use and adoption of remote connectivity, smart glass technology, augmented reality and improved workflow inspection processes.

The growth of augmented reality and hands-free smart glass technology is changing the possibilities of how field workers and companies are lowering inefficiencies, increasing safety, improving quality of training, minimizing travel costs and compiling higher quality more detailed inspection processes.

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An industry leader in Augmented Reality (AR) technology, providing innovative optical products to defense, security, and enterprise clients.

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As an authorised reseller of UVCleantech solutions, UVISAN cabinets are the trusted solution in decontaminating smart devices ranging from smart glasses, wearable headsets, tablets, mobile devices, laptops and AR/VR equipment.

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Our Services

Smart Glasses

Vuyu is the official APAC distributor of Vuzix smartglass technology. With our trusted partners and on-site industry experience we can ensure your field worker environments are met through the deployment of only the most verified and tested technologies.

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Remote Mentoring Platforms

VUYU’s industry experience ensures we can help transform your field workforce by connecting you with our most trusted solutions.

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GaaS – Glasses as a Service

Vuyu’s Glasses as a Service is a first of it’s kind allowing your company to deploy our trusted wearable solutions without having to pay any upfront cost.

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Workflow Builder Services

As 5G technologies improve so does the possibility of optimizing field worker productivity and efficiency allowing for the increase of accurate data collection for IoT purposes.

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Training and Deployment

Integrating new technologies into your existing organization on any scale can prove difficult without the correct knowledge available.

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VUYU’s knowledge and experience across a wide range of industries will allow us to solve your problem of connecting field workers through the deployment of only the most trusted hardware and software solutions.

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